Find answers below to some of our most commonly asked questions:

 Q:  What are the Neighborhood Garage Sale date(s)?

A:  Neighborhood-wide garage sales are usually held in May and October each year, as determined by the Board. Check the calendar of events for the next garage sale.

 Q:  How do I obtain a pool access card?

A:  Lot owners can obtain their proximity card from Community Association Management at their office during regular business hours.

Each lot whose account is up to date receives one proximity card. If you lived in Vanderveen Crossing last year and received a proximity card, that card will allow you access each year. Your card will be reactivated as long as there are no holds on your account due to unpaid homeowners dues or because of a covenants violation(s).

 Q:  How do I get a replacement card if mine is lost/stolen?

A:  You may obtain a replacement pool card for a fee of $50 made payable to the Vanderveen Crossing HOA at the time of pick-up from the CAM office. 

 Q:  How do I report a violation of the Covenants & Restrictions?

A:  Covenant violations should be reported directly to CAM either by phone or in writing (i.e. letter or email).
Reports need to be detailed and complete, including the specific address that is in violation. 

 Q:  What steps do I need to take in order to obtain Architectural Control Approval for an improvement?

A: 1.  Complete the Architectural Control Approval Request form that is included on the website or can be requested from CAM, including the drawing/sketch of the improvement in relation to the home. 

2.  Submit the form and sketch for approval to CAM via mail, email, fax or in person.

3.  Allow 5-7 business days for review.

4.  Written approval or denial will be mailed to your home address for your records.